Sunday, June 7, 2009


Although last year's vegetable garden--the first one at this location--was not as productive as I had hoped (there's always a learning curve at a new place, no matter how much experience you have), I remember feeling pleased that I had not had any pest problems of note.

I was aware, though, from listening to callers to John Dromgoole's gardening show on KLBJ-AM in Austin, that grasshoppers had been decimating other Central Texas vegetable gardens. I also remember feeling more than a little smug about my good fortune.

This morning as I was watering my garden, a chill ran through my body as I saw a grasshopper on one of my tomato plants. And not a little one. This was a creature big enough for Mothra to wrangle with.

And this grasshopper wasn't alone.

Everywhere I looked I saw grasshoppers in all stages of development. And now I am beginning to think that the tomato damage that I had attributed to the mockingbirds, may, in fact, be the work of these horrifying little beasties.

Okay, no more sumgness. Now I have to find a control for these critters before they get out of hand.

Any suggestions?


Shelagh said...

have you thought about a .22?

Shelagh said...

ok, ok, the .22 is a bad idea, but I will give you a guaranteed way of getting rid of every one of those pesky critters - organically. CHICKENS! Throw a couple of free range chickens in there and by the end of the day you will have ZERO (nada) grasshoppers in your garden. Little bug eating machines! Plus they will be kind enough to fertilize your garden while they are there. They will thank you for the dining treat...

Cecilia said...

I have just joined a Poultry Meetup group in Austin to learn about raising chickens. So I love your idea.

reneesroots said...

I'm having a grasshopper problem too. Lots of little red and black nymphs, and also a lot that look like yours. Kaolin clay and Nolo Bait are two organic options I've heard about. Planning to give one of them a try this weekend.

Also, your blog link is now up my blog. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Cecilia said...

Thanks for the tip, Renee, and for the add to your blogroll!