Friday, June 5, 2009

Tantric Tomatoes

When was the last time you devoured a large, succulent, vine-ripened tomato whole, allowing its luscious, sweet and earthy juices to dance on your tongue, or to run between your fingers and down your hands and arms, unselfconsciously permitting bits of its seed-imbued gelatinous pulp to cling to the corners of your mouth and slowly slither down your chin and onto the front of your shirt where it collected in a viscous pool of pale red?

If you're buying tomatoes from the grocery store, the answer to that long, drawn-out, and oddly arousing question is: probably never.

Even if you're not laying down your hard-earned cash for the pink and crunchy "tube tomatoes" at four to a pack covered in plastic wrap, most store-bought tomatoes still have as much flavor as a bag of crap. No, wait. Crap has more flavor.

Farmer's markets are everywhere these days, making it easier than ever for you--the consumer--to buy a wide variety of delicious vine-ripened tomatoes in a rainbow of colors.

And even better than a farmer's market tomato is one that you have grown yourself. Tomatoes are easier to grow than you might imagine, and will reward you with tangy, juicy, sweet and savory fruits to eat raw, or to use in your favorite recipes. Oh, and anyone to whom you serve a dish featuring your tomatoes will become your slave. THAT'S the power of a homegrown tomato.

If you are a fan of the pomme d’amour (love apple, so named for its alleged properties as an aphrodisiac—oh la la), then you ought to grow them—at least once—so you will know firsthand the joy of an honest, fresh, ripe tomato.

Be warned—once you cultivate, harvest and consume tomatoes you have grown yourself, you’ll have the bug (and we don’t mean hornworms…well, maybe...but we’ll deal with that later).


carla said...

You are a seducer! Nice looking blog.

mistypoe said...

Cool! -and mmm.... I think I'll head over to the Farmer's Market. ;-) Good to see you on here.

Forrest Preece said...

What's not to like about taaaaaantric? Definitely part of the slow food movement, no?

Congratulations on this start of a fine blog, Cecilia! I'll put it on my faves list right now.

As always, you are making a contribution to Austin's well-being.



eorman said...

Makes me want to run out and buy a tomato plant or two. I can't wait for further instructions! Great blog. Hugs, Elise

Doretta said...

Beautiful blog!
Congratulations! *\o/*

Toni said...

That was great sis!
I'll have you know I do have a tomato plant as well. It's the, AMAZING TOMATO TREE. Yes, right here in Aurora, Il.It will grow up to 8 feet tall and have tomatos up to 8 lbs! The ad said so, so it must be true:)
Love you!

carrie said...

Hi Cecilia!
Thank goodness you started this blog; It's something I will actually read!
I love the tomatoe salad recipe; for a little twist, sprinkle some blue cheese on your's fabo..
Happy Gardening,